Confederate Roll of Honor

Capt. Isaac M. Whitney
Co. A, 22nd Alabama Infantry. Commanded the 22nd Alabama during the Battle of Bentonville. Photo courtesy of Ms. Jeanne Neilon (Great-Great Granddaughter) 

Capt. Robert Z. Harllee 

 Co. D, 10th South Carolina Infantry, Manigualt’s Brigade.  Assumed command of the regiment after Lt. Col.  C. Irvine Walker’s wounding at Wise’s Forks.  During the Battle of Bentonville, Capt. Harllee and a group  of his men were caught south of Goldsboro Road, and successfully made their way back to the Confederate  lines. Photo courtesy of Dana Schneider (Great-Great Grandson)

2Lt. George M. Glass

Co. A, 3rd North Carolina Junior Reserves.  Survived the Battle of Bentonville.  

Great-Great Uncle of Larry Brown

Pvt. Jacob R. Hawk, Sr. Co. K, 56th Georgia Infantry

He was mortally wounded in the chest and died three hours later. Pvt. Hawk was buried on the battlefield, where he still rests today. His son, Jacob, Jr. was born three months after his death. Sketch courtesy Ms. Sybil Hawk (Great-Granddaughter) / photo of sketch Jesse L. Blankenship(Great-Great Grandson)

Lt. Col. John D. Taylor,

Commander of one of two North Carolina Contingents of heavy artillerymen, “Red Infantry” serving in Hagood’s Brigade. Wounded March 19, 1865 in the left arm while standing on top of the seized works belonging to the 108th Ohio Infantry. Lt. Col. Taylor’s wound required the amputation of his arm, which fortunately he survived. Photo courtesy of Mr. Graham Hobbs (Great-Great Grandson) 

Pvt. James Henry Clayton
Co. A, 50th North Carolina. Survived the Battle of Bentonville and was paroled in Greensboro, May 9, 1865. Photo courtesy of Ms. Mary Jane Taylor (Great-Grand Daughter)

Capt. Robert G. Rankin

 Co. A, First Battalion N.C. Heavy Artillery.  Mortally wounded on March 19, 1865 at the Battle of  Bentonville.  Buried in Oakdale Cemetery,  Wilmington, NC. 

 Courtesy of William H. Rankin (Great-Great Grandson)

Pvt. Louis T. Savage

Co. C, 13th North Carolina Light Artillery. Survived the Battle of Bentonville and was paroled in Greensboro May 1, 1865. Information courtesy of Derrick Brown (Great-Great-Great Grandson)

Pvt. Allan N. McCall
Co. K, 37th Alabama Infantry. Survived the Battle of Bentonville. At the close of the war he walked the entire 630 miles home to Alabama. Information courtesy of Mr. Mark Johnson (Great-Great-Grandson)

Pvt. Reuben (Ruben) B. Redd
Co. D, 37th Alabama Infantry. Survived the Battle of Bentonville and was paroled in Greensboro May 1, 1865. Pvt. Redd was a POW from the Vicksburg Campaign earlier in the war. His brother William, also a member of the 37th Alabama was killed during the Atlanta Campaign. Information courtesy of Ms. Patricia M. Hughey (Great-Grand Niece) 

Pvt. Stephen W. Morris
Co. G, 55th North Carolina Infantry. Son of Reddick Morris, lost his leg during Gettysburg & traveled home. Lived on the Morris farm until his death in 1908. Buried on the Morris Farm, located on part of Bentonville Battlefield. Information courtesty of Stephen A. Morris (Great Grandson)

1Lt. Zacheus Ellis

 Co. B, First Battalion N.C. Heavy Artillery.  Killed March 19, 1865 at the Battle of Bentonville.

 (Son of Nancy Finch Burns’ Great-Great-Great Grandfather)

Chauncey Porter Conerly 

 Served in Co. E, 33rd Mississippi Infantry before becoming Assistant Surgeon, Loring’s Division, Stewart’s  Corps.  Survived the war. Information courtesy of Porter Patrick Conerly (Great-Great Grandson) 

Pvt. Francis “Frank” T. Hurlbert
Co. A 3rd Florida Infantry. Survived the Battle of Bentonville, after being wounded in the knee on March 19th. According to family sources, Gen. W. T. Sherman stopped and talked to him while he was being carried to the hospital. Information courtesy of Mr. William E. Hurlbert Jr. (Grandson)

Maj. Solomon Palmer
19th Alabama Infantry. Commanded the 19th Alabama at the battles of Wise’s Forks and Bentonville. Survived the Battle of Bentonville. During the battle, he served as Division Officer of the Day, Hill’s Division in command of the picket line. Information courtesy of Mr. Millard H. Palmer III (Great-Grandson)

2Lt. James L. Wright
Co. G, 4th Tennessee Cavalry (McLemore’s). Survived the Battle of Bentonville and was later captured as a member of Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ cavalry escort. Information courtesy of Mr. Tom Russell

Pvt. Hiram Jefferson King
Co. C, 16th Tennessee Infantry. Survived the Battle of Bentonville. Paroled in Greensboro under Co. K, 1st Consolidated Regiment Tennessee Volunteers. Information courtesy of Mr. Tom Russell

Capt. Bromfield L. Ridley
Aide de Camp, Lt. Gen. A. P. Stewart, commander Army of Tennessee. In 1906 his book titled Sketches of the Army of Tennessee was published. Information courtesy of Mr. Tom Russell

Pvt. James K. P. Batchelor
Co D, 13th Battalion N. C. Light Artillery. Wounded during the Battle of Bentonville. Shot through his ribs on March 19, and left for dead, but amazingly survived. Information courtesy of Ms. Vertis Lane (Great-Granddaughter)

Pvt. Thaddeus L. Jones  

Co. I, 40th North Carolina. Was captured during the Battle of Bentonville on March 19. Sent to Point Lookout, Md., released on June 28, 1865. Information courtesy of Debbie Donnelly (Great-Great-Granddaughter)